Friday, July 31, 2009

Movieworld + Evie!

Szilveszter surprised me earlier this week with the generous gift of a yearly pass to Movieworld, Seaworld and Wet'n'Wild! I was thrilled, and we spent today at Movieword. I'd never been before, and I had a lovely time with him. Unlike Szilveszter, I'm not one for the rides with butterfly-inducing drops or dizzying heights, but I managed several of the tamer ones, and even enjoyed them. :p We saw what I had to admit was an impressive stunt car show, and visited the glorious Harry Potter store. Surprisingly, I didn't purchase anything there, but merely marvelled at its authenticity from the outside. I was tempted by a plush Ron doll, but what I really wanted to find there was a Pygmy Puff. I had an unshakeable feeling I'd find them, but I did not. I bought the next best thing, though: a round plush cushion of Sylvester the cat. Ha ha ha.

I got some really exciting, unexpected news today! My family is getting another dog, a champagne coloured female chihuahua puppy. She'll be named Evie. Rosie, our existing chihuahua, is possibly the most pampered dog you'll meet, although not in the typical, Hilton-esque manner you may expect; our dog is FAT, there is no denying it. :p Evie will be very young, and it's mostly going to be up to me to look after her during the week until she's old enough to brave "the tag team", as we affectionately term Murray and Rosie, destructive duo extraordinaire. The relationship that Murray and Rosie have developed indicates that Evie should be well-received. In fact, adding another female dog, according to our vet, may in fact improve the dynamic between the two. Although jealousy will no doubt be an issue! Once Evie's settled in, we just need to adjust Bella, Szilveszter's and my dog, to the chihuahuas and Murray; she currently hates Rosie because she's orange. A hypocritical sentiment because she is a shade of vermillion so bright its her trademark.

So as you can imagine, I think I'll be in for a big week this week, what with Evie, uni, work and the rest... But it's all moving forward, so it's all good. Once again, I have that feeling that everything I'm doing is going toward something bigger. There's nothing worse than being static, or falling backward in your tracks.

Thanks for reading!


  1. How exciting! I'm sure this new dog will fit right in. And that is such a cute name too. I would love to go to Movie World again and I love rides! I hope you have a fantastic week!

  2. Really? Do you like the big ones? I just like the small ones...The puppy has settled in well, but the other two, Rosie and Murray, haven't taken to her yet. They're scared of her. :p She's about 150gm and they're scared...Her name is Daisy, now, to go with Rosie.. Evie didn't quite fit her when we saw her. Have an awesome week too, might see you Thurs! :)