Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to uni!

Back to uni this week! It's been a great week so far. I've enjoyed my lectures and tutes, and I'm ahead in my readings and assessment. I'm studying two education subjects, one of which requires me to do field experience in a school, which should be exciting. The other one is about constructing learning programs and the use of technology and media in education. Then I'm doing a history subject and a film and television one, which seems really interesting so far. Having things to focus on and plan has really helped to detract from the stress that has interfered with the last few weeks, and going back to uni is a huge reminder that there are bigger and better things to get on with. Although, this will all probably change come assessment time, when I'll be cursing my degree once again... On Monday, I went to the library to do some research for an upcoming assignment, but all the computers were down (sigh, thanks SS&H), so I went outside and sat under one of the trees in the Great Court. I had my much-loved copy of Twilight with me, and I read for about half an hour in the quiet, on what was possibly the best maintained grass in all of Brisbane. It really made me appreciate the uni as a place, and made me feel privileged to be there. At times, UQ feels cut off from the world, as I guess it's supposed to; it's just this little (well...) hive of academia and thought. The library buzzes with frenetic energy, people dotted around the edges of the sandstone walls of the Great Court buildings balance their laptops on their knees, the coffee shops have impossible line-ups, and inevitably, the printers in the libraries jam.

But still. I'm glad to be back.

This week, I'm revisiting Twilight. Aaah. Nothing works so well when you've had a terrible day. Have paid a visit or two to Hogwarts in the small hours, as well. I've been a bit insomniac this week! Can't wait for the Dorian Gray movie to come out; I'm getting through that book too. Oscar Wilde was a bit of a character...looking forward to seeing how it shows on film. Also have been checking out the viral campaign for District 9, a movie set to come out in about two weeks. Not sure if it'll be my cup of tea, but you gotta admire the work that has been put into this advertising. We got shown it during my film and TV lecture... find it at www.d-9.com, if you're interested. It's worth a look.

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