Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I am so happy, I just got my uni results, and after staying awake with stress over it all night, I ended up doing really quite well! I don't want to post the actual figures online, but considering that my second exam didn't go very well, I was worried I'd have to take a supplementary exam or even repeat the course. While that was my worst subject, I still did better than just pass it, so I'm relieved and happy that all my hard work and study before the exams actually paid off.
Thank you to those who put up with my stress during the exam period, especially my boyfriend Szilveszter who had unending patience and Jess, who I've gone through exam freakouts with since the early days of high school. Especially toward the end of my exams, I wasn't coping very well, so I really appreciate the support Szilveszter continually gives me, and the afternoon of procrastination on the swings with Jess, which, rather than procrastination, was a much-needed break from both Weimar culture and the Mithraic cult.
I've been working all week, and last week, which is fantastic for my savings (and shoe collection, ahem), but not so great for relaxation. I could really do with a break, and I'm sure I'll have one when my manager returns, it's just sort of hard to envision having two consecutive days off without a million things to do and complete.
Trying to fit in as much holiday reading as I can - during the semester, whenever I read a novel, I feel I should be reading a passage in a text book or something, but I've managed to get a few in so far! Evernight has been my favourite so far, a birthday gift from a friend equally as bookish as I am (in a Willow Rosenburg, cool way, rather than the Hermione Granger, social recluse way. Well, that what I aim for anway, haha). Evernight had a clever twist in its tail, and while you definitely could make a lot of comparisons between it and the fated Twilight, you must keep in mind that the Twilight story is an old one, and has been reworked in many ways before Stephenie Meyer over-emotionalised it. So Evernight's worth a read. Will probably post a proper review of it soon, but just have barely had the time to sit down and think about it!
Currently reading Rumours, the sequel to The Luxe, which is a cleverly researched novel which could be described as turn of the century Gossip Girl, New York setting and all. And if you've never picked up a Gossip Girl book, certainly do. They're supposed to be sarcastic and ironic, and over the top, and expect something a little grungier than the pristine television show (there's a whole underground-type scene in the books not depicted on the show, which I love anyway), but they're also a perfect holiday read.
Trying to get through a beautiful Penguin edition of Madam Bovary, but I find the classics slow moving, most of the time. The goregous purple and pink cover is a motivator, though!
Am thinking of re-reading all the Twilight series too, but I just can't bear the hype over Edward. I walked past Fellas in Garden City yesterday, and saw a life-size cardboard cut out of Edward - $89. How sad!
Today and tomorrow I'm going birthday shopping for some friends, and I'm really looking forward to finding the perfect presents! One of them I have to put a little bit of work into, so I just hope I can find the time this weekend! I have Friday and Saturday off, yay!
Hope you're having a good week.

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  1. Yay!! I'm glad you did well with your uni results. I'm not surprised though =p I'm also excited that you enjoyed Evernight! It had a great twist and I really didn't see it coming. And to think I wasn't going to read it at first because I thought it might be a bit 'Twilightish.' Lol I don't mind being bookish as long as it's not in a completely nerdy way.
    I think I read Gossip Girl books awhile ago way before the tv series. I might have to pick them up again. And completely want to get a pretty Penguin book. Those covers!
    Have fun on your days off!!