Sunday, August 9, 2009

Short and sweet.

I'm currently utterly engrossed in The Picture Of Dorian Gray. I'm only about a third into it (I tend to read the classics a fair bit's a big change from my usual teen fiction, sadly), but it's entirely compelling so far. The characters are intruiging, and each in their own way somehow dangerous. Dorian, at the point I'm up to currently, is enchanting. Lord Henry is frighteningly persuasive, and Basil, the artist, is sort of pathetic, and fairly transparent. Wilde fully intended this; I think he's applied carefully separated aspects of his personality and self to the trio. If you know anything about Wilde's history, you'll see, then, that disaster is probably intended to befall all three. Well, I'll keep you updated, anyway!

I've had a fairly busy weekend that was, guiltily, devoid of uni work. I'll have a lot of catching up to do this week. Saturday I worked, and that night, Jess and I went out to the city with some of my old friends. It was great to have a catch up! I skillfully (or luckily) avoided a hangover for work today. Saw a few friends, incidentally, throughout the day, as is the Garden City way. I often think that those of us who are (willing, or unwilling) participants of the Garden City community sometimes bypass its quaintness. How many specialty shops can you walk past without throwing a wave to one of the staff that you have worked with before, or perhaps is a regular at your own store? Honestly, we're like the Westfield version of Stars Hollow.


  1. Sounds awesome! Definitely have to start reading that book soon. And it's fun when friends come by work though it doesn't feel the same way at Carindale. Or maybe it's because I'm stuck in the dungeon of Myer =)

  2. Yeah Garden City's possibly a little bit too involved. Everyone seems to have connections everywhere else! Haha Myer is intimidatingly big, perhaps that's why? :p You have to read this book, it's amazing. I've put it down to study for now. ;)