Thursday, August 13, 2009

Feeling accomplished!

Just finished my first assignment for the semester (and I'm quite pleased with it, even if I did finish it on the day it was due!), and I feel rather accomplished, even though there is a mountain of other stuff I need to move onto rather soon.
It's been a lovely week so far. Szilveszter and I had dinner with Jason and Gracie Monday night; the boys ate two of the most enormous steaks I've ever seen, while Gracie and I wistfully discussed the need for expensive ballet flats (and yes, I did say NEED). Tuesday and Wednesday were spent mostly in bed for me, unfortunately I've had a bad headcold this week. My doctor speculated that it was tonsilitis, but I sort of doubt it, it wasn't that bad. Just slowed the whole week down a bit. Thursday I worked the morning, but I think my ridiculously congested-sounding voice prompted the girls to offer to cover me, so I went home early. Well, actually I went to Gran's, and then, FINALLY, collected my iPhone. Then last night, prompted by my parents, I brought Daisy with me to Szilveszter's soccer game. As I said to the girls there last night, I believe that I may be acquiring a reputation for being a Crazy Dog Lady, as I have been seen at various soccer events with a total of three different dogs now. I can hardly deny it, really...but then, if that's on record as my worst quality, I definitely can't complain! :p

After soccer, Szilveszter, Daisy and I went to dinner and a photo-showing at our friends', Emma and Greg's. Daisy was certainly well-received there, but, despite my best efforts, apparently insisted upon leaving a twenty-cent coin-sized surprise for her hosts after we'd left.

Unfortunately I haven't really been reading too much lately, so I don't have anything much interesting to report. Envy, the third installment of The Luxe series, was brilliant; if you felt a bit disappointed by Rumours, then definitely still stick Envy out. I've been re-visiting Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in light of the movie; a reminder to everyone (if there is still anyone?) who just watched the movies and never read the books - you're missing out!

Hope everyone's having a good week too. Has anyone seen My Sister's Keeper? Is it worth seeing?



  1. Yes we seem to need expensive ballet flats I think. And your Daisy is just simply adorable and oops for leaving such a 'pleasant' gift for Emma and Greg. Oh the photos must have been awesome! I haven't really read much either besides Envy. And haven't seen My Sister's Keeper. I may wait for it to come out on dvd. After I try reading the book.

  2. You should definitely read the book, it's great. I'm thinking of waiting...I'm really undecided!! Although, if you're going to cry, at least the movies are dark? Heehee I think Daisy enjoyed soccer, even though she kept clambering all over everyone! I've been trying to get through Dorian Gray but I find it needs a bit of a quiet moment to concentrate on it, it's a bit intense.