Saturday, October 10, 2009

Busy week & Tim Burton

This has been a busy week yet again! So just a quick post to update you. I've been occupied with my study, naturally, and have been assembling several essays for submission as the FINAL ASSESSMENT PIECES FOR THE YEAR. What an exciting feeling! I can't wait for this to be over. However, even though I'm just dying to be free of reference lists and and due dates, etc., I'm enjoying these last few essays. Essays are my favourite assessments, and I have one to write on the Black Death, as well as another one on Tim Burton! What could be better?! I've always loved Tim Burton's directorial style; my mother used to put us through the paces of watching The Nightmare Before Christmas every year since I was little, and I've grown up appreciating his eccentricity as artful. So I'm anticipating that my essay on his films will be an enjoyable one to write! It's also made me excited about Alice In Wonderland, coming out next year!

I've also been at my first practicum this week. For some reason, they wanted us in a primary school, despite the fact that I'm a pre-service high school teacher...but I ended up in my old primary school, to which my sisters and my partner's neice have also gone. It's strange to hear myself being called Ms. Lines by teachers who taught me, and remembered my tendency to read under the table during their lessons. I have four more days there, and my next day is on Friday. I like it there, but it hasn't swayed me to become a primary school teacher just yet.

I'm also happy this week because I've gotten some marks back for assessment, and despite it having been yet another stressful one because of family issues, I have managed to keep all my marks above a six so far. Hopefully with a bit of hard work, I can keep them there!

Somewhere in amongst all this assessment, I've managed to fit work in. Work's going really well at the moment, despite our excessive consumption of Whittakers Coconut Block during the week, and the dilemma of where to shelf the bondage shoe, as we like to call it.

Today is Szilveszter's Bathurst BBQ (more like pizza, though, I'm thinking...), and after a bit of study in the morning, I'll be going along with Jess, so I'm looking forward to an afternoon relaxing. :)

Hope everyone has a good weekend!



  1. How exciting that uni is nearly finished for the year. You can relax soon. And you get to do an assessment on Tim Burton. I love his style. I think it's his eccentricity that I do like.

    I hope everything family wise is not making you feel to stressed. And well done on all your assessment. You are doing soo well! xx

  2. I know, I can't wait for the end of uni! Then I can actually get excited about Christmas :D I love Tim Burton, I'm really looking forward to Alice in Wonderland. I saw the posters a few weeks ago, they look great. I've got one essay to finish up tomorrow, and then another two, and an online assessment piece, and then one exam, and then done! Not too much, all things considered. :)

  3. Are you going to see Alice In wonderland? Would you and Sylvester like to come with Cassie and me?