Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm enjoying my holidays so far, helped by the fact that again, I'm reading "The Secret History", my favourite book in the world. However, the harrowing, disturbing storyline was not aiding in my relaxation; this is one of two books (the other being Silence of the Lambs) which never fails to give me nightmares. I wake up thinking I killed Bunny Corcoran, without fail, every single time I read it. But that's just another reason the book's so fantastic! Although it's frightening that murder is so apparently easy...
Big week at work this week; my manager's taking a well-deserved holiday and I'm acting manager. So far, no big dramas, so let's hope that keeps up...our staff are fantastic, this is one of the best jobs I've had so far, so I'm looking forward to saving up a little more for our Europe Trip. Which, naturally, deserves capitalisation.
So, it's official. We're Going To Europe. Well, no plane tickets have been booked as yet, but my savings since I started at Famous Footwear have grown considerably, and I'm so encouraged by that that Szilveszter and I are thinking and planning (informally) our trip! Szilveszter, of course, thinks that the whole point of going to Europe is to re-enact the plot of the movie Eurotrip, and also to visit Sparta and announce to everyone (can you guess?) that this is, in fact, Sparta, and therefore that we are, in fact, tourists. He's a goober, but I love him, and I can't think of anyone else I'd like to experience the world with. Of course, it'd all be made even better if Jess comes for part of it too!
We have accomodation in England (London and its outskirts), Ireland (Dublin and Kildare, in the country) and Hungary (thanks to Szilveszter's family ties) already, so those are definite stops on the trip. I desparately want to see Rome, Tuscany and Athens; a classics degree will do that to you. Since I've attempted to teach myself Hungarian - and I've been more successful than I thought I would be, thank you very much (kichi - small. Wow. I'm pro.) - I'm excited to see Budapest's ancient sites and elaborate and intricate buildings, as well as where Szilveszter's from.
I've never actually been to either London or Dublin, directly where my parents are from, so I can't wait to get there either. Both cities will be fantastic.
So, in anticipation, I bought a Lonely Planet guide today with a birthday Borders voucher from Gracie and Jason, thanks so much guys. :) Europe on a Shoestring. I'm so excited to sit down with a cup of tea later on and have a browse, if not an intensive read, of it! It's my first one, and I can already see that I'll be getting more in future; definitely a London, Dublin and Hungary one at the very least. Oh Borders. Could you pay your rent if I wasn't a customer? :p I kid, I kid.
I know that a lot of people around us are saving for houses, or attempting to. But I really want to see these places, and experience some of the things I've learned so much about in the last eighteen months at uni. Szilveszter and I aren't sure of our postings and things like that, so when he's a police officer and I'm a teacher, we may get posted rurally (although I'm not sure I want that) when we are qualified, so buying a house might actually be a while down the track. I know Szilveszter wants to see Hungary again, and given his intense admiration of Eurotrip, he's always wanted this too. :p Haha. Well, updates again soon, I'm thinking of posting a review again quite soon.

Currently reading: Lonely Planet's Europe on a Shoestring, Donna Tartt's The Secret History, and Claudia Gray's Evernight, which is slowly developing into another addiction for me...

Hm, just discovered bleached-in, cat-shaped footprints on my slippers. Looks like Murray fell into Mum's bleach again and walked on my shoes...sorta looks cool though. :p Oh Muzz. What next.


  1. I'm so glad you like the Lonely Planet. It's one of my current obsessions. I have to read The Secret History before I read your review =)

  2. The review doesn't reveal too much of the plot...a few details but the book's so complicated anyway! We both love the Lonely Planet book...Szilveszter also went to get some brochures about Contiki tours and stuff, so we looked up the destinations in the tours on the book. I love the History sections! Sadly though, most of the tours seem to bypass Greece. :(