Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Job? Maybe?

As much as I planned to just use this for my book reviews, I do love blogging. So here I am at 6.43am online. At 9.00 today I have a trial shift at shoe store in Garden City. The position I'm trying for is a supervisory one, and to start off with, it'll be about 25-30 hours, with the possibility of increasing to full time after a while. I'm at uni at the moment, so full time work could be hard, but I think I could manage. I've worked the entire way through my senior year of schooling and first year of uni, and I've actually found the hardest thing about going back to lesser hours is the cutback to my pay. I spend and spend and save, and then spend what I've saved... So I'm hoping that working a bit more will help me put together some savings for some travelling. I really want to see New Zealand. And anywhere with snow!
So I'm really hoping I'm successful, because this could be an awesome opportunity. I'm a bit nervous about it, actually. Also, want to go to Jason Mraz! Is it too late? Hm.
I'll update again later on trial shift.
xx Claire

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  1. I hope you get it Claire! And if anyone can work many hours and do uni full time you could!
    I know you will do fantastic!! As for Jason Mraz I'm not sure actually =)